An Apostle by grace:


_”And the LORD said, Shall I hide from Abraham that thing which I do” ( Genesis 18:17).

*Message:* There are different degrees of communication in life. It is natural and easy to communicate¬† more deeply or more intimately with somebody that you share the same values with. People find it easy to share personal and private things to those who are close to their heart or who have become their friends. The level of friendship and closeness is often one of the major factors that determines the level of communication we have with an individual. The relationship of Abraham with God explains this phenomenon. Abraham was so close to God to the point that it became difficult for God to carry out an important assignment without discussing it with him. Abraham really touched the heart of God. That is God’s expectations and plan for all his children. Think of these:

  1. How deep is your intimacy with God? Your perspective of who God is and your faith of what He can do determine to a large extent your desire to get close to Him.
  2. Do you see listening to God and hear Him speaking to you as something important? If yes, then you need to reposition your faith in God.
  3. God delights in an intimate relationship with you, He desires your attentions for a deeper communication. God bless you.

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